Successful Web Design for the Modern Age

Designing a website, whether it’s handled in-house or outsourced to an agency, is something that every business must do in order to succeed.

But the type of design which worked just a few years ago should not be seen as a perpetual asset to an organisation. It is instead sensible to make an ongoing commitment to update a site so that it is aligned with ever-changing user expectations. A Web design Gloucester agency such as can assist a business in updating their website design appropriately. A major benefit of going with a web design specialist is they will be able to understand and adapt to the ever-changing customer desires and requests.

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Successful web design is defined by a number of things in 2019, with mobility in particular being a major influence that should not be ignored.

In fact, figures suggest that businesses are behind the curve when it comes to adapting their sites to cater to smartphone users and also in terms of how they communicate with employees about how devices can be used and what services can be accessed.

Search Supremacy

Even with social media increasing its grip on internet users’ attention, many businesses still rely on search engines to provide them with traffic and exposure, especially in the early days of a website’s existence.

Because of this, the design of a site must take into account the factors which are used to assign it a rank by Google’s automated algorithms. And this is where mobile-friendliness comes into play today.

Google is constantly making alterations to its search engine, and it is adding a test to assess the mobile-friendliness of sites directly so that there is no ambiguity about whether or not a particular site is up to scratch. It is even working on further changes to its mobile SERPs which could see thumbnail images return to the fray.

Because of this, the best advice is to invest in a responsive site that is not designed with one platform in mind but many. Every web design agency worth its salt will be able to help a business build a responsive site, which is crucial as mobile optimisation becomes a necessity.

Expanding into Other Ecosystems

A business site is a good jumping-off point for firms wanting to ensure that their online presence is being broadened effectively. But a site cannot exist in a bubble, and you need to think about the other ecosystems that are out there, ready to engage audiences and boost sales.

One aspect of this is the mobile app market, where businesses can create standalone software for customers and clients to download, keeping them in a more controlled environment and helping to increase the number of conversions.

Ensuring that apps are well designed and also placing links to them on the website so that they can be found will be sensible. Meanwhile, apps must also complement the online experience and feed into the success of a site, ensuring mutual expansion is possible.

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