So, you want to be a…..Tree Surgeon?

Do you love the outdoors? Were you forever climbing trees as a child? Then, maybe you should consider a career as a tree surgeon. The work of a tree surgeon involves horticultural maintenance and will engage in activities like felling trees, pruning, planting, hedge-cutting and many other aspects of horticultural care. Make no mistake though, it’s a pretty dangerous profession! Mix heights with power tools and you get the picture.

However, it’s a great job for those who love being outside, getting their hands dirty and working in nature. Having said that, you must be prepared to be outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions. It won’t always be sunny! It will keep you in top physical condition as you’ll need to be a confident climber and a skilled user of power tools. It’s a highly challenging but incredibly rewarding career choice.

Starting as an unskilled trainee for around three years, you’ll have the opportunity to get a diploma certificate from the Arboricultural Association. You might wish to branch out into running your own business and operating as a sole trader.

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The job is not just about dealing with trees though, as responsibilities include:

Meeting customers and listening to their concerns, requirements and queries.

Preparing a quotation, handling contracts and payments.

Being punctual and arriving on the agreed date and agreed time to commence work for the customer.

Undertake felling, planting, replanting, pruning, waste removal and any other requested tasks. Supervising trainees or team members.

A commitment to continuous training throughout your career for both yourself and any employees.

Clearing up the site when you’ve finished and removing garden waste. For a reliable Dorset Tree Surgeon, visit

Setting up invoices and dealing with tax requirements. Ensure you have mandatory insurance to cover personal injury and public liability.

Some of the skills required to be a successful tree surgeon include:

The ability to be proficient with the use of power tools and other potentially dangerous equipment.

Being aware of the dangers and taking all steps to provide a safe environment for yourself, co-workers, customers and the public.

Work to within set deadlines and remain professional.

To enter the trade, you don’t necessarily need any pre-existing qualifications. It’s best to start between the ages of 18 and 25, as you’ll need to attend college at some point to progress in the profession. With several years’ experience and the relevant certification, many individuals move from working for a company to setting up their own private tree surgery business.

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