Six Best Dash Cams of 2016

Dashboard cameras are increasing in popularity as they provide an accurate documentation of the events leading up to a collision with another vehicle, helping the authorities and insurance companies to understand which party was at fault.

Six Best Dash Cams of 2016

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As this Security Bros article explains, a dash cam can be a useful investment for many reasons, including helping you to avoid insurance price increases, ensuring that dishonest individuals won’t be able to take advantage, and providing documentation that is more dependable than accounts from eyewitnesses.

1. On a budget

The Black Box G1W is inexpensive but comes with all the standard features you would expect, as well as a few additional extras. It works well in low light and offers a 4x zoom, which means that you should be able to see any important events clearly and up close.

2. The cautious cam

The Blackcam BHC-1000 Hybrid is a more expensive option with many additional features, and is ideal if you want to take a more detailed and cautious approach to capturing footage. Comprising of a front and rear camera, this system allows you to monitor your car from different angles.

3. Compact

Some systems can be quite bulky, but the Mobius Pro is small and inconspicuous. There’s no screen, which means you won’t be able to review footage immediately, but it’s reliable and doesn’t compromise on quality.

4. For extreme temperatures

If you need something that will be reliable in very cold or very hot environments, the KDLINKS X1 is the only option you should consider.

5. Reliable

If you drive a lot as part of your job, reliability from your dash cam is likely to be your top requirement. High quality cameras for trucks, such as, can be difficult to find, but are often invaluable pieces of technology for professional drivers. The FalconZero F170HD+ captures footage at an angle of 170 degrees, automatically saves footage upon detecting a collision, and will record any accidents that may happen when the vehicle is parked.

6. Up to date

If a dash cam with in-built Wi-Fi and an accompanying app is more your style, the Cobra CDR 900 will be the one for you. Whilst not the most impressive camera, the ability to control it using an app is undoubtedly both useful and convenient.

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