Roof tiles versus slate

There are a number of materials that can be used for roof covering, but the majority of roofing projects tend to use either roof tiles or slates. So what are the differences when considering which to use on your own roof?


Usually manufactured out of clay or concrete, tiles are available in a wide range of colours and styles. Therefore, there will be a type that is suitable for any style or age of property.

You can even go crazy with the various colours, but perhaps not quite as far as the gentleman in Derby, who wrote a message on his roof, as shown in this BBC article

Concrete tiles are usually bigger than clay, so can cover an area faster and are easier to install. However, on a roof with sky lights or chimneys, smaller clay tiles may well make fitting around these extra obstructions easier, making clay a better choice.


Slates are a more traditional material, and as such, come in limited natural colours. Natural slate is created by splitting certain types of rock. Although expensive, they are extremely hardwearing, a natural product and are very aesthetically pleasing, especially for older, more traditional buildings, where modern roof tiles might look a little out of place.

You can buy artificial slates, but these are either concrete and not nearly as long lasting, or they are made from slate dust combined with resin and aren’t much less in cost than the natural version.

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Once you have decided what type of material you wish to go for, locate and choose a good local roofer to fit them for you.

You could search online, as most traders will have some kind of online site.

For example, if you were looking for Evesham flat roofing or other roofing services in the Worcester area, you could consider . There are also plenty of reviews for various companies available online as well.

You could also consider contacting various trade organisations, as well as recommendation lists such as Which’s trusted trader award. Asking around for personal recommendations to help you locate the tradesman you need is also a good idea.

All of this will enable you to locate the right roofer, to help you get the roofing you want and need fitted to your property.

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