Put the Spring in Your Step With a Sprung Floor

Sprung Floors
A sprung floor, also known as a floating floor, is one that is suspended above an existing hard surface floor such as one of concrete, tiles or hardwood. Foam blocks, and sometimes even springs, are placed between the existing floor surface and the new floor to allow for shock absorption and an even elasticity to be created over the entire surface area when any point upon it is compressed. This is essential for precision performers such as dancers and gymnasts. From school gymnasiums to in-home dance studios, sprung floors have a multiplicity of uses. It is no surprise that sprung floors are the preferred surfaces for activities, including all forms of dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, exercise classes, racquetball, cheerleading, theatrical performances and physical therapy environments, since they provide the opportunity for safe and optimal performance.

Sprung Floor Systems
Sprung floor systems can be made from wide-ranging materials. Some of the most common materials used are ash, maple, birch, engineered woods, laminates, bamboo, cork and linoleum. Your sprung floor expert can assist you in selecting the best surface for the specific activities and space you have in mind for your project.

Unique Comfort
The unique comfort provided by a sprung floor also makes it ergonomic and an ideal surface for commercial areas where people spend extended periods of time on their feet. Places that might benefit from a sprung floor include kitchens, hairdressing salons and pharmacies. The comfort and relief that such a surface provides helps to relieve the shock waves caused by constant impact on a hard floor surface. This in turn helps reduce the incidence of health issues such as musculoskeletal problems and varicose veins. Savvy employers recognize that the money expended on a sprung floor is soon recouped in decreases in lost man-hours due to these types of chronic medical issues.

Avoid Injuries
In order to avoid musculoskeletal injuries, which could have serious consequences on the career of a performer, it is essential that he or she works in a warm space. Conventional methods of heating large spaces such as theaters, dance halls, rehearsal rooms and sports halls allow the heat to quickly rise, which is of little benefit at floor level. Sprung floors allow for the installation of an underfloor heating system, which is capable of efficiently heating up to six-feet from floor level, which will ensure that performers stay warm.

Sprung floors can be permanent or portable. A permanent sprung floor is installed into a space for long-term use, and removing it will likely damage it, while a portable sprung floor can be semi-permanently installed and removed and stored when not in use. Portable sprung floors are commonly used on motion picture and television production studio stages, where a certain production may require a dance surface in a particular position for a particular scene. They are also frequently used in conference centers and function rooms, where a dance floor may be required for a wedding or other occasional event. Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary sprung floor solution, there is sure to be an option that fits your needs and budget, and most can be installed with relative ease, by virtue of simple snap-together systems.

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