Places you wouldn’t expect to find asbestos

People tend to think of asbestos as something that is only found in the ceilings of old, abandoned buildings. However, there are some unusual places that have tested positive for asbestos, which should give concern as to what other everyday objects can potentially contain asbestos.

1- Car Parts

Because asbestos has the ability to retain heat, it was a substance often used in automotive parts to stop fires from occurring. Items such as brake pads, brakes and clutch linings are a prime example, including several other car parts that experienced high-friction.

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2- Household items

From pots to hair dryers and from popcorn machines to cooker hoods, a range of home appliances manufactured before 1988 are known to contain low levels of asbestos.

3- Fuse boxes

Before the asbestos ban came into force, board containing asbestos was used for insulation in the rear of fuse boxes in the home. Thankfully, such fuse boxes are only accessed on rare occasions, so this is not a major concern as the asbestos fibres pose a danger only when they are in the air as a result of an object that is damaged or disturbed. For Asbestos Birmingham Removal, visit a site like

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4- Protective clothing

Ironically, a variety of clothing for protective purposes contained small amounts of asbestos when manufactured. Things like aprons and gloves used commercially in the past were known to contain asbestos and even more worryingly, so did face masks, respirators and dust masks.

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