Outdoor survival kit considerations

When considering your survival gear, there are many important items to pack. We all need certain essentials to survive, such as water, food and shelter. Read on for some essential considerations when deciding what to pack for your trip.

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1. Water

Humans can only stay alive for around 3 days without drinking water, so finding a water source and being able to purify that water is vital for your survival trip. You can boil the water, use purifying tablets or try distilling water. You can also use a portable filter wherever you are. Portable filters can be small and light, so this is a bonus point when travelling.

2. Shelter

Exposure to the elements can be dangerous, so a shelter is important. With the right gear, you can build a makeshift shelter. Tents are great for camping, but are cumbersome and tarpaulin is lighter and more hard-wearing. Tarpaulin can withstand rain, wind and snow. Without this, you’ll need to create something with branches and leaves in sheltered spots, or if stranded in a snowy environment, you might need to know how to build a snow hole.

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3. Fire

You will need fire when you’re in the wilderness. Fire can be used to boil water, for warmth and for cooking food. It can also be helpful for scaring away wild animals, if you are camping outside. For making fire, you can use matches, lighters or self-igniting torches. It’s important to be able to start a fire even in damp weather.

4. Storage

When in the wilderness, you may need to move from place to place to seek food, shelter and materials for a fire. To carry all of your gear safely and comfortably, you will need a high quality backpack, and these are available from stockists.

5. Food

Humans can last about 3 weeks without food, but it is uncomfortable and hunger can also make you feel weak. If the need arises, you should be able to forage or hunt for your food. Slingshots can be useful for hunting small animals such as game birds. You could use small stones if you don’t have steel shots. You should practice using a slingshot, as it can be difficult to master.

  1. Storage

Now all you need to do is think about where you are going to store all your new gear.  You won’t want it in your house taking up essential room so why not get some garage shelving from sites including https://www.garage-shelving.co.uk and store them in your shed.

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