Now top that! Some vintage wedding cake topper inspiration

With the rise in popularity of vintage-inspired weddings, it can be hard to make sure your wedding stands out from the crowd. Add something a little different to your big day with a vintage wedding cake topper to match your vintage theme. Here’s a run down of the best from fashion’s most fabulous decades.

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The 1920s were all about art deco, and art deco is all about rich, bold colours, geometric lines and intricate patterns. Choose classic his-and-hers models standing under an art deco arch in black or white with a touch of gold to get a taste of that Great Gatsby opulence.


If you’re going for a 1940s style vintage wedding theme, look out for antique toppers in antique shops and auctions. You’ll often find the couples in whimsical, romantic tableaux, with the brides in feminine dresses standing below arches of flowers.

Ask your hairdresser to style your hair in victory rolls for that post-war celebratory feel and add streams of bunting to your venue and, of course, lashings of ginger beer and victoria sponge to the spread!


In the 1960s, fashion got a little bit groovy, with shorter hemlines, higher beehives and a whole palette of bright colours. Reflect this in your wedding with a cake topper to match. While toppers are traditionally in pale colours, don’t be afraid of adding colour.

Alternatively, track down some of the cute doll-like toppers that were also popular in the 1960s. These chubby-cheeked toppers resembled cherubs all dressed up in classic top hats and tails, and they will add a dash of fun to any wedding.


These days, it is possible to take the best parts of your favourite decade and create the vintage wedding of your dreams. Talented craftspeople can style toppers in the likeness of you and your partner and add vintage fashion and decoration to match. You can even forgo the models altogether and top your cake with flowers, lettering spelling out your names, or objects that mean something important to you and your spouse.

With all these ideas to choose from all you have to do is pick the right one for you, choose the location of your special day like Wedding Venues Northamptonshire found at Whether you go for antique toppers or choose ones that are inspired by your favourite decade, cake toppers are a great way to make your vintage wedding truly memorable.

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