Mapmechanics Released Irish Routing and Scheduling solutions

It has been recognised that a truly viable vehicle routing system for Ireland would have to be sensitive to cross-border journeys, and in particular allow for both Northern Irish postcodes and the newly allocated Eircodes. A highly responsive new software, Truckstops Ireland, however, is expected to prove invaluable.

Mapmechanics Releases Irish Routing and Scheduling Solution

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Reposition Locations

Location software can be notoriously unreliable when it comes to more recent or awkward addresses. The Truckstops technology has an integrated, user-centric way to make updates on the go that identify potential pitfalls to other operators. In spite of satellite mapping, it is possible that calculated routes may not still be accurate or viable when the journey actually comes to be made. If this is the case, the operator can change the location via a simple “drag and drop” method, to increase the accuracy of the destination for future trips.

Location and geocoding software can inevitably become outdated as new developments or policies spring up. The BBC recently reported that even enormous fixtures such as factories and airports had in effect ‘relocated’ as a result of the Eircodes but the adaptable nature of Truckstops means that, for the longer it is used and amended, the more accurate and reliable it becomes.

Compatible Across Devices

Truckstops has the added advantage of being compatible with several formats, devices, and related systems. Not only can a schedule be shared via a central network but it can also include fixed delivery routes for when orders are likely to be repeated. Now, when an industrial delivery such as large containers, lin bins, or something as substantial as a rack from sites like and others is required, the operator would not only be able to pinpoint the location, but could also input the route as fixed or regular so that multiple deliveries can be made without re-entering details from scratch.

Highly Customisable

The software also has customisable features that enable users to restrict certain types of job to specific drivers or vehicles. Schedules can also be arranged that allow for multiple stops on the same day or even across several days. Importantly, all relevant data interacts seamlessly with satvnav systems and can even be sent directly to a driver’s smartphone. A high level of personalisation and adaptability means that Truckstops is likely to increase the efficiency of routes, journey times, and cost effectiveness.

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