Making your warehouse safer in 5 steps

Safety is vital in a warehouse and manufacturing environment. In fact, it is the law.

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According to statistics, an estimated 909,000 working days are lost each year, due to handling injuries. The most common injuries involve ladders, falls, machinery, forklifts, electrical work, respiratory issues and hazardous materials.

Here are 5 ways to increase warehouse safety and create a safer, healthier and more productive environment.

Staff training

The best way to reduce injuries and increase safety is by clear, accessible training programs for employees. All experience levels would benefit from extensive training in all aspects of safety at work. When employing additional staff, always hire the best. If this requires paying more, do so, and don’t compromise on staff quality. Their competency will bring fewer workplace accidents.

Your actions

Safety starts with your actions. As a boss, enforce the regulations and rules on safety, and your employees will take their cue from your actions. You must put safety ahead of everything, even during increased production. When rewarding employees for completing work on time or ahead of deadlines, ensure not to promote an “at all costs” culture. Reward employees that consistently work to a high standard efficiently and safely.

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Even the safety conscious can forget something. Post signs in the warehouse to remind all employees of the risks in their job and how they should be complying with the safety regulations. Anything from “hard hat area” to “now wash your hands” signs in the toilets can help.

Tools and maintenance

You need to provide the correct tools that employees need to remain safe, such as steel capped boots, helmets and safety glasses. These tools need to be provided, so your employees can then take necessary precautions. When buying used pallet racking, use a professional company. Tools, equipment and machines need to run properly, and failure to ensure regular maintenance is guaranteed to result in malfunctioning machinery. This will both decrease efficiency and put workers at unnecessary risk.

Warehouse improvements

There are always improvements that can be made. Talk with your staff about what you can do to create a safer environment for all. Keep the warehouse clean and tidy, to minimise the risk of falls and injuries. Encourage employees to keep their workspace clean, so they minimise the risk of accidents.

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