Making Your Online Presence Count

Everyone knows an online presence is everything. Companies without websites are left behind, and those with poor or unrepresentative websites are often seen as being unprofessional. Think of your website as your shop window and, just like the high-end shops  is key to attracting clients.

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It’s obvious your website has got to look good to attract clients, but having the perfect website and making it look just right is not the only concern these days. Having your website optimized so that search engines both find you and place you towards the top of search results is key to getting the most from your online presence.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) helps with all major search engines. The search results they provide are ranked based on what the search engine considers would be the most relevant to the submitted search request in order to provide the best results. In order to provide these best results, the search engines use algorithms to ensure the website being displayed actually matches what the site is offering and being searched for.

How to Optimize Best

A successful search engine optimization campaign will have multiple components.

On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization will ensure relevant keywords appear prominently on your website content. This SEO 101 article explains this in detail.

Content Development

Content development is developing high-quality rich content that uses your relevant keywords and is of interest to your clients. Of course, providing quality content should be seen as a benefit to your clients anyway, but making it work for your SEO is also a advantage to your online presence and search rankings.  For help with content creation, marketing, internal communication and more you could try a Cheltenham PR company.

Target Group Cheltenham PR Agency is one option to help with these matters or more for example press office, internal communication and social media.

Link Development

Developing a network of links from other websites is particularly useful, as they indicate to search engines that your website is popular. These links are also called backlinks (they link back to your website).

For small businesses, getting it right can a challenge. If you are looking for help with both your website design and SEO, Remember that the better your SEO, the better your visibility.

These days it’s no use just adding every different keyword imaginable to improve your SEO, as the search engine algorithms will check that your content matches your keywords. If you’re not selling Johnny Depp Naked, don’t add it as a keyword!

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