Make your event memorable by hiring a rodeo bull

If you have an event coming up, why not consider hiring a rodeo bull to make it memorable? These mechanical bulls can offer lots of fun and entertainment and hiring one of these from a rodeo bull distributor might even make you the talk of the town.

If this was organised as part of a big private event it would be the envy of others. Riding a rodeo bull is often regarded as a male testosterone exercise and this type of activity would compliment a stag do very well.

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Read on for more some useful information about these rides.

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In 19th-century America working cowboys developed a series of skills to help them to manage cattle and other livestock more effectively. They would test their skills against one another and in 1872 the first formal rodeo competition was held in Wyoming. The term ‘rodeo’ refers to a public exhibition of cowboy skills. According to, rodeo shows keep growing in popularity because they offer affordable entertainment for the whole family to enjoy. Mechanical rodeo bulls simulate the rodeo experience and are designed to look, feel and move like real bulls.  So if you are your group fancy being cowboys for the night this would really make a fun nights activity.


There are risks when it comes to riding mechanical bulls, although injuries are rare, and it is standard practice for people to sign a waiver confirming they have acknowledged any potential risks. Operators should be fully trained in the safe operation of the ride and should be attentive at all times. The bulls themselves are designed to be as safe as possible and come with inflatable safety mats to cushion riders’ falls. As explained by the Health and Safety Executive, fairground rides such as mechanical bulls are statistically very safe and you are more likely to get injured travelling to a fairground than on any of the rides.  So if you are planning on a night out and haven’t had to much to drink at this time you should be pretty safe.


Manufacturers have designed these bulls in such a way that their speed and movements can be tailored for different users. Many mechanical bulls come with two modes: automatic and manual. The automatic mode, for example, offers a number of pre-set programmes, each designed for participants of different skill levels. The manual mode is controlled by the operator, who uses a joystick to determine the bull’s movements. No two rides are the same.
Hire a rodeo bull for your next event and everyone will be sure to have an exciting and memorable time! These rides are fun, safe, and can really liven up your event.

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