Just work your way methodically through the list

Running a business event can be incredibly stressful, trying to find the right type of event to hold whether it is a conference, networking sessions or specialist meeting for likeminded individuals in the same business sector. But once you have chosen your Cotswolds Venue Hire location such as https://www.secret-spaces.co.uk/ everything else is just all down to methodically working your way through the list.

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Most venues will be able to help you either directly or indirectly with any catering or refreshment options that you are looking for as well as any specialist equipment that you may need such as projectors and screens.

Making sure that you have enough attendees to your event is one of the most stressful parts of hold a business conference but again if you simply work through all of the options available to you and embrace the world of social media you can easily have enough people queuing up outside. Here are some ideas that you may want to consider.

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  • Hashtag your way to success – when marketing your event both in the run up to the day and during the conference use a hashtag that is bespoke to you when positing on social media and twitter in particular. This will help you to stand out amongst the crowds. You should also encourage your attendees to tweet about the event using your given hashtag. At some events people even set up photography areas where people can hold up signs with the hashtag and event title and date on it. This is a great way to make some noise about your event and instantly produce interest in any future conferences that you may hold.
  • Makes the most of your ticket sales – by using a platform like Eventbrite and offer early bird discounts to try and encourage people to sign up well in time for the event. Some organisers even state that tickets sold on the door will be more expensive than those sold in advance.
  • Website traffic – ensure that you have the event added as a banner to your website a link through to your chosen ticketing platform. You can also make the most of the traffic reaching your website by perhaps writing some blog articles in the run up to the event and offer a special discount for those signing up.
  • Running competitions and giveaways across social media for those that sign up for tickets is another great way to get people to attend your event and to make some noise about what you are doing across social media channels.

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