Jobs to do before selling your home

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, there are some fixes you need to sort if you want a good return on your investment. Don’t waste valuable time, effort and money fixing the wrong things – the things they want to see repaired but not necessarily what the buyer wants. Here are some issues you need to sort:


  • Hardwood Floors
    Buyers love hardwood flooring. It might be worth removing any carpet if you have hardwood floors and have them refinished.
  • Carpeting
    If your carpets have seen better days, then it can pay to replace with a neutral shade which buyers will prefer when viewing. Definitely remove carpet from kitchens and bathrooms.

Ceilings & Walls

You’d be surprised at much attention buyers pay to walls and ceilings. They are looking for signs of damp or a leaky roof. Cover up any stains, marks or grease by applying a fresh coat of paint on walls and ceilings. It’s a cost-effective improvement to brighten up the place and choosing a neutral, light shade will make the place look bigger too. Wallpaper – Nobody wants somebody else’s wallpaper, it’s a very personal choice so steam it off.

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This repair won’t add value as it’s a maintenance issue, but it will increase the number of people who potentially want to buy your home. Don’t put off getting roof issues fixed, particularly if you have any areas of flat roofing as this can put off potential buyers. For Bristol flat roofing, visit


Don’t overlook the importance of first appearances from the exterior of your property. Fix any cracks in the pavement with cement, tidy up hedges and weeds, replace the caulk around windows and doors, paint any fences and place some potted plants for example.


Kitchens are the one room that buyers make a beeline for. A complete refit is too expensive, but if your cabinets are broken or tatty, you could think about replacing the doors or even just the handles and knobs. If your cabinets are wood, even repainting is a viable option.

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Carpeting is a major turn-off, so think about replacing with vinyl flooring which is an inexpensive solution. Replacing outdated lights and mirrors, as well as the shower door is a good idea as there’s nothing more off-putting than stains and lime deposits built up on surfaces.

Most of all, buyers will be put off if there are obvious signs of maintenance issues that have been ignored or put off. Ideally, a home ready to be occupied is what most people seek, with modern plumbing and electrics. If there are major maintenance jobs that need carrying out it will no doubt reduce the value of any offers you receive.

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