Is University Really For You?

Deciding on what Universities to apply for, and what courses to study can leave you feeling a bit confused; there is a lot of changes that come with joining a University course – especially if you have to move there. When deciding on a preferred University and course, don’t make quick and rash decisions; make sure it is the right one for you, and if there will be a chance of career prospects afterwards.

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If you are not keen on moving away from your home town, you could attend a university near you; this will save you money, and you will get a lot more support back home. If you are planning on staying in your home town for University, make sure not to pick a course for the sake of it. When planning on moving away for University, your decision should not be made because you want to move out, or you want to attend the same campus as your best friend, it should be somewhere that has a course you really want to study.

If you are nervous and anxious about the idea of going to University, you should not rush into a decision to go there; perhaps take a year out to do activities that you want to do and reflect on whether University is right for you. If you are someone who doesn’t deal well with stress and anxiety, then University may not be right for you; there are lots of different routes to go down for certain careers that going to University may not be necessary. If you want to become a teacher or a Doctor, then you will need to attend University, but if you want to work as a chef or a photographer etc, then apprenticeships are a great option – here are some professions that require a degree.

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Going away for University can be a fun and exciting prospect as you will meet new people, and will be able to gain further independence; University fees and living fees are expensive though, so make sure you will be able to manage financially. If your family are on a low income, you may be able to get financial assistance such as Residential support schemes, or grants.

If you’re set on moving away to a certain University, then you will need to decide on your living situation there; you will want to find somewhere that have suitable living conditions, and somewhere that is clean and tidy. If you’re moving away to study in Gloucestershire for example, then you will be interested in Student Accommodation Cheltenham based flats; these living spaces are comfortable and have everything that you need as a student.

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