Is it right for your wedding to have Off the peg items

Off-the-shoulder styles made the big time in wedding dresses in the 1990s, with their popularity not waning since. This style is a flattering alternative to the ever-popular strapless option.

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The dresses available today might have elegant straps designed to sit on the shoulder bone or − for those who prefer a little more coverage − come with sleeves. Lace sleeves can be a good choice for a bride who wants to look her best but might not want to show off her arms.

This would be great for the big day but before the wedding when your planning the Hen do you probably will want to look at wearing something different.  You might ask all the ladies to wear a funny costume and perhaps look at hiring a Hen Party Bus Cheltenham company at sites like to get your party started.

Here are some ideas for the dress

Body shape

Historically, it has been considered beautiful and an asset in the eyes of the fashion world for shoulders to be slightly wide. If you don’t have a supermodel physique, an off-the-shoulder style can give the illusion of shoulders wider than they really are.


Off the shoulder is perfect for you if you are a pear-shape. The design will balance out the width of your hips and bring the emphasis up towards your face, particularly if there is detail on the bodice.


Adding perceived width at the top and choosing a design with a full A-line skirt will help to add definition and a waist.


Similar to the apple, choose a design with an A-line skirt. The ‘magic’ works in the same way as for pears, drawing the eye up.


With the tricks described above, it is no wonder that ladies with an hourglass shape can look fantastic in an off-the-shoulder style; however, some might find the accentuation of curves draws too much attention. This might not be the right style if you are a little self-conscious.

If you have naturally broad shoulders, you might not want a dress that emphasises this feature; therefore, a different neckline might suit you better.

Weddings Ideas Magazine has more advice on choosing the right wedding dress neckline. There are so many beautiful wedding dress designs that it can be hard to start narrowing down the right design for you; however, a website is a great place to start.

The key is to try dresses on. Try on the shape you have dreamed of for years and the style you thought you would never wear in a million years − you just might surprise yourself!

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