In a Nuclear Attack Could you survive ?

2019 has been a tumultuous year for the world – with tensions rising between world powers to levels not seen since the Cold War, it led to many people questioning how they would survive a nuclear attack – searches for bunkers and fallout shelters skyrocketed, with even the rich and famous getting in on the act – with Kanye West reportedly purchasing a luxurious doomsday bunker! One estate agent even decided to create a guide to which towns and cities were the safest to live in to avoid nuclear annihilation!

So, as we seem to head back towards those scary days of world tension, is there anything that you can do to protect yourself and your family from the consequences if the bomb drops?

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One of the main things that affects how severely the attack will affect you is where you are – the most likely places to come under attack are near Military targets, such as airfields and bases and Government buildings. Large cities, ports and oil refineries are also major targets. So, your best chances of survival are going to be somewhere more remote.


If you plan to stay at home (as per the government’s advice given in Protect and Survive in the 1980’s) the government recommends constructing your own shelter in your home.  This doesn’t mean that most people will have time or money to convert a room to an instant shelter – Protect and Survive has in fact been shown to be pretty much useless in the years since its publication – you only need to read the chilling book, When the wind blows, by Raymond Briggs to see evidence of how inadequate it is.

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Another option that you have, is to construct or buy your own bunker – companies that provide these have done well recently, as people become more worried about global tensions rising. If you are planning to build your own nuclear bunker, this is no easy task – you will need thick and dense materials to line the walls with – thick lead and concrete – and make sure that you have an adequate air filtration system that will prevent the fallout from getting in.  If you haven’t got your Own bunker you could try to get into someone else’s.  If it is locked and they are all ready in it just hire a Dublin Locksmith company like  locksafe to come and open it and offer them a place of safety to.  Off Course, you could always move to Switzerland, where all homes are built with an underground fallout shelter included!


In reality, there is very little that you can do – unless you have a fortune at your disposal to invest in your own Kanye style luxury bunker – hopefully 2018 will be more peaceful than the previous year!

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