If it smells clean, is it really clean?

More often than not we use our sense of smell to decide whether something is clean or dirty. A crisp, citrus fragrance or light floral tone in a room or building can lead us to believe that it’s clean because we think it smells so. Pulling clothes out of a washing machine, we might declare that they smell lovely and clean. Of course they are, if they’ve just been washed – so it’s that smell that we then associate with cleanliness in other aspects when it might not, in fact, be the case.

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Many of the cleaning products we use are overridden with an array of scents. This is where we have begun to link cleanliness with strong, fresh smells. Furthermore, we have begun to use these scents to mask uncleanliness, through air fresheners and room sprays.

It’s all in the cleaning product

To ensure that the areas being cleaned are effectively cleaned, the products should contain a sanitiser or bacterial ingredient to ensure that the germs generating a ‘bad smell’ are killed. Otherwise, it might just be the case of bacteria being wiped around and the smell being camouflaged by a strong scent. It’s important that bacteria are removed, not only for the smell they give off, but to limit germs causing sickness and spreading disease.

It’s also true to say that a lot of scented cleaning products can cause allergic reactions and, according to Migraine certain scents can also trigger migraines in those sensitive to the chemicals.

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The clean-smelling myth

There’s a commercial cleaning company in Cheltenham that believes that using cleaning products with a low odour work much better. Not only are they low in harmful chemicals, the type that contain anti-bacterial agents as well as mild solvents, not only kill germs but also remove greasy residue where it’s known that bacteria can multiply.

If you want to ensure that your home or office is germ-free, sparkling clean, and isn’t giving off chemicals that can harm the health of its occupants, when using a commercial cleaning company such as http://cleaningcompanycheltenham.co.uk/, have a chat with them to make sure that the products they use are fit for purpose as well as not harmful.

It’s time to accept that the link between sweet smells and cleanliness is a myth.

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