If it could be harnessed then Mordor would be fine for power.

For centuries human beings have been searching for a clean and safe source of energy that could power their homes and provide heat and light for it. It’s such a shame then that they didn’t take a leaf out of the evil one Sauron’s book and utilise the power and strength of an active Volcano. This is the mighty Mount Doom in the land of Mordor, where the shadow lie, apparently, and it is partly the reason that Sauron is so powerful. Rather than think that maybe he could use his power to supply a cheap source of energy to the people of Mordor he decides, rather selfishly, to make a large golden ring.  Into this ring he pours all his power, rage and hate for everyone in Middle-Earth so that he can try and enslave them. Still, it’s better than bottling it up I suppose. This is the total opposite to a certain Bristol Boiler Installation company as they will happily look at  installing or maintaining your system without the need for any magical rings, Eagles or armies. Is it possible to tap a volcano?

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The short answer is a bit yes and a bit no. While it’s not possible to tap directly into an active cone volcano like Mount Doom it is possible to use Geothermal energy, the heat underground from Volcanoes. It is very popular in Iceland and is an incredibly green form of energy. It saves the country a fortune in imports like oil and coal which make up about 29 percent of the islands fuel use and there are plans to reduce this even further.

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Sauron uses the heat from the Volcano to make the one ring to rule all the others and hold them in his thrall. It’s a great plan, especially with the nine human lords turning over to him very quickly and the Dwarves end up losing or destroying there’s, for example one rather carelessly, gets eaten by a Dragon, before he can exert his power. The Elves see through it straight away and start to  shield theirs from him, and then go on about how they figured it for ages annoying the other races with how clever they were at spotting it but not telling the others.

This all goes awry  when Sauron gets his fingers chopped off by a lucky blow from Isildur. He then also wastes the chance of using the volcano for something useful by refusing to chuck the ring in, rather, keeping it for himself causing an awful lot of bother for everyone later on.

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