How to unpack like a pro

Moving to a new house is hard enough, but the unpacking you have to do when you get there can feel even more torturous. For some reason it seems to take months to unpack and settle everything, even when the packing and moving might have been done fairly quickly. Here are some unpacking tips so you can unpack like a pro:

  1. If you are moving with a pet, make sure their needs are met on arrival as a priority. Keep it safe in a room with food, water and familiar toys to lessen the stress it might be experiencing. On moving day, it’s often wise to have someone else care for your pet in a calmer environment.
  2. The first box to unpack is the pre-planned box of essentials. This contains all your important comfort items, so you don’t have to get stressed out looking for things like toiletries, toilet paper, snacks, toys, nappies, medication or anything else that’s essential for that first day or night.

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  1. As the bathroom is the easiest room to unpack for, head for your boxes marked ‘bathroom’ first. All the furniture in this room is pre-installed, so it should just be a case of arranging your toiletries, hanging a shower curtain and laying down some mats.
  2. Wardrobes and closets should be unpacked next, as everyone is going to want access to a change of clothes pretty soon. The good thing about sorting these out early is that clothes take up a lot of storage space, so filling your wardrobes means lessening the number of boxes lying around and as you can shut the door on a wardrobe, you’re not making any additional clutter around the home.
  3. It’s always a great idea to have the movers place your furniture exactly where you want it as part of the service. If you haven’t planned this, now is the time to get your furniture arranged. For information and advice about moving, contact a Bristol Removals Company like
  4. Anything that gets stored away in cabinets can also be done next to get them out of the way. Items such as bookcases, ornamental displays, shoes and electronics.
  5. Decorative items like curtains, posters, wall-hangings and art should go up next to give you more floor space.

The Kitchen

You’ll want to spend some extra time in the kitchen, as it’s the most important and unique room in any property.

  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is give it a good scrub. This will also help you to familiarise yourself with all its nook, crannies and storage capacity.
  2. Position your essential appliances, placing the larger pieces first before bringing in the boxes marked ‘kitchen’. Now you can unload all your kitchen utensils and it’s just up to you how you choose to organise it all.

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