How to keep members at the gym post Covid

It is that time of year when people’s thoughts turn to getting fit and ready for summer, and many will be looking to join a local gym to help them achieve this.

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Joining a gym is a financial commitment, and members see it as an investment in themselves and their wellbeing. However, despite the good intentions and enthusiasm, attendance can wane quite quickly and before long, they stop coming altogether and end up cancelling their membership.

There are many reasons that someone may stop going to the gym, including feeling intimidated, overcrowding and a lack of results.


Often people will stop using the gym because of the weather outside and the cold and rain that comes with the winter.  This can also be the case when the summer comes along and it’s boiling hot outside.  Most Gyms will offer a cooling mist or chilling air when your working out to keep you over heating.  Their are companies like an Air conditioning Gloucester way that could pop in to look at how your system works and possibly install one for you through sites like


The best way to keep members motivated is to encourage them right from the very beginning to build exercise into their lifestyle. The first 12 weeks for any new member is the key time to get them hooked on a new routine. There are many ways to do this, including offering motivators such as discounts for referring a friend, offering a wide variety of classes suitable for different levels of fitness, and training staff in making new members feel relaxed and welcome.

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Keeping members engaged and feeling part of the club can be easily achieved by regular monitoring and contact. Investing in membership management software can help with all these tasks.

Despite the warmer weather, a recent report by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) suggests many people don’t exercise outdoors due to the lack of public toilets and concerns that they will be caught short.


Another way to encourage new members and keep them is by targeting specific groups of people. This could include offering all-female classes or sessions, as well as encouraging staff to talk to the members and offering members regular opportunities to review their progress and set new targets.

Good membership management software can let staff see at a glance how often a member is attending and what facilities they are using. When a member achieves a set goal, consider offering a reward, such as a free drink at the café or a branded water bottle.

Overcrowding and waiting to use the machines is one of the biggest complaints gym members have. Making sure all members are properly trained on how to use the equipment and offering off-peak membership deals can help alleviate this issue.

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