How to Keep Your Grease Trap Clean

A restaurant owner is responsible for a lot of different things. They are responsible for ordering the right amount of food and making sure that the food is prepared and cooked properly, and they also need to make sure that the premises are always hygienic and clean.

How to Keep Your Grease Trap Clean

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Some of the responsibilities are very specific, such as cleaning the restaurant grease trap. The grease trap must be cleaned on a regular basis; if it isn’t, the restaurant may face unnecessary interruptions, and it is also more likely that the restaurant will become unsafe for customers and employees.

Here’s everything you need to know about cleaning your restaurant grease trap.

Why You Need to Clean Grease Traps

According to Small Business, the kitchen is one of the most important areas in the restaurant to keep clean, as it is exposed to a wide range of contaminants. A grease trap can quickly start to harbour contaminants, so you should make sure that it is always clean and not clogged up.

Cleaning Your Grease Trap

Some restaurants produce a large amount of grease in a short amount of time, and if the grease isn’t removed it could potentially end up closing your restaurant due to hygiene standards.

How to Keep Your Grease Trap Clean2

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If your restaurant deals with large amounts of grease, oils and fats, it is important to make sure that you clean your grease trap at least once a week to avoid a build-up of grease. You can check on the grease levels every day by simply inspecting the grease trap for build-up.

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Of course, not every restaurant deals with a large amount of grease. If your restaurant only produces a low amount of grease, you can check the trap every week for build-up instead. You should also arrange a monthly cleaning system to make sure that the grease trap is cleaned. If you think you may forget to clean the grease trap, try creating a restaurant cleaning rota.

You can clean the grease traps yourself by unclogging the drain with heavy-duty cleaning products. You may also need to physically remove large chunks of grease and fat, as they could damage the drains. However, it is recommended that you hire a cleaning team if the drains are badly clogged.

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