How to get into football

It’s the beautiful game, and the most popular sport in the world. However old you are, and however active you are or want to be, there’s a type of football and a club out there for you.

How to get into football

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Great exercise

We all know that you feel better and stay fitter if you take some active exercise a few times a week. Football has it all – you run, sprint, turn, dodge and jump, resulting in improved coordination, stamina and endurance.

Start at the grassroots

Who could forget Leicester City’s incredible Premiership winning season in 2016? At the heart of the team was Jamie Vardy, who came from non-league football to become a star striker for Leicester and England. The FA’s Get Involved scheme will help you find a local club, where you can get started on your own football journey.

Football for all

There are 1.4 million women and girls involved in playing and coaching football, and the FA is trying to grow that number. There are also plenty of mini football schemes across the country to encourage young children to enjoy the benefits of football, so invest in Junior Football Kits, from an online store like, and who knows how far your soccer mad kids will go?

How to get into football2

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The English FA also runs a Disability Talent Programme, which is designed not only to identify footballing excellence, but also to focus on personal development. There are similar schemes all across the UK.

What’s your football flavour?

If you’re put off football because you don’t like the thought of running around on a cold, muddy pitch, then you might like 5 a side or futsal. Both are played inside, but futsal uses a smaller, heavier ball and puts the emphasis on skill and control – ideal if you fancy yourself as the next Lionel Messi!

If you find your joints are creaking, but you still want the benefits of exercise and team work then try walking football, a slower but no less competitive version of the game. Or if goalscoring doesn’t bother you but you love your tricks, then freestyle will let you unleash your creativity.

Who knows, if your interest takes off, you could enter the next FA People’s Cup – and if you really shine, you could be on your way to Wembley!

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