How to Clean Your Chandelier

Whether your chandelier is made of glass or crystal, it is guaranteed to sparkle if you clean it correctly. Like any other decorative items in your home, chandeliers require regular maintenance and consequently should be cleaned annually, especially if you notice it is dull in appearance.

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Before You Start

Chandeliers often have an intricate hanging design, and so it is important to understand how it is pieced together prior to commencing your clean. You could take pictures or create a diagram to help detail its composition. However, if your chandelier seems too elaborate to clean, contact a professional to take care of it for you.  In fact for any cleaning requirements big or small hiring someone like a Cleaning Company Leicester which can be found at is recommended.

Before beginning your clean, be sure to turn off the chandelier’s power (ideally from the breaker box), as you are dealing with an electrical fixture. You can set up alternative lighting nearby if needed.

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Products to Use

With regards to products, you only need basic supplies, including pads, a drop cloth (located below the chandelier) and a stepladder. The padding will prevent breakages in the event you drop any prisms and protect any surrounding furniture. Fingerprints are easily transferred on to glass and crystal, so use either lint-free clothes or white gloves.

Chandeliers in the UK often have a silver or gold finish, so don’t use ammonia-based cleaners since they can damage the finish. For more information on products to avoid, click here.

Glass-off Approach

If a chandelier requires a more thorough clean, removing all the glass and crystal will permit a thorough cleaning of the prisons and frame.

To create a cleaning solution, mix in a spray bottle isopropyl (one part) and distilled water (four parts). If there is a more noticeable build-up of grime and dirt, hand-wash the glass or crystal using a mild soap in tepid water. Immediately following this, rinse in clear water. To dry, use a clean soft cloth and reassemble the chandelier. Throughout the year use a feather duster to maintain it.

Glass-on Approach

For a quicker clean, keep the glass on and use the same solution as outlined above, along with a damp cloth. Dry immediately afterwards using a glove or cloth. Clean as carefully and slowly as you can to lessen the risk of damaging parts of the chandelier.

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