How to choose the perfect chandelier

To many, the word chandelier is likely to call to mind visions of large, intricate decorative glass hangings that adorn the ceilings of historic buildings and stately homes. However, even rooms in the most modest abode can look elegant with a special piece of lighting.

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What is the right size for a chandelier?

A good way to judge which size your chandelier should be is to first measure your room in feet. Then, add the length of the room and the width of the room together. Whatever the total is, the diameter of the chandelier should be no larger than the same number in inches. For example, if your room is 11 feet long and 15 feet wide, the total would be 26 feet; your chandelier should not be any wider than 26 inches.

In terms of length, a chandelier is constrained by how tall the ceiling is. A good rule of thumb is to leave a 30-inch gap between the bottom of a chandelier and a dining room table, whereas a ceiling chandelier should leave around 7 feet of clearance from the ground.

Of course, these are just guidelines; variations on size, position and style can have a stunning impact on the way a chandelier can transform a room. Contrasting styles can produce wonderful effects with lighting just as much as it does with furniture and decor. Home decor site ( offers more detailed advice to help you find a chandelier that complements your room’s design perfectly.

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What is the best style?

A simple three-, four- or five-light chandelier in brushed steel can add to a minimalist, modern design, and it would fit well in a small lounge or over a kitchen dining table. The choice of bulbs and lamp shades can transform the overall appearance of the chandelier itself.

If you’re looking for grand, luxury chandeliers, you can find plenty of examples of classic, art deco and modern designs through online outlets such as

You should also think about the type of light it will give – bright or dim, focused or scattered – and how it will look both in natural light as an ornamental piece and as a functioning light.

Whatever style you choose, a chandelier will certainly add a stylish finishing touch to your room’s design.

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