How to choose dining chairs

If you want to switch things up in your dining room, consider replacing your dining chairs. New dining chairs can completely transform the appearance of your dining room. They can be used to either update and modernise the room, or they can add a touch of luxury and class.

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Here are three things you should consider when you are buying new dining chairs.

Make sure that the chairs will fit

Dining chairs come in a wide range of sizes, and some are very large, so it is important to make sure that the chairs will fit under the table before you buy them. Make sure to measure the height of the table so that you can accurately work out if the chair will slide underneath comfortably. No-one wants to be uncomfortably wedged into their chair!

If your dining room is small, you may also want to avoid buying chairs with tall backs. This is because they can make the room look smaller, especially if they have a dark colour that draws the eye.

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Think about how often you will use the chairs

If you will be using the chairs on a regular basis, it is important to choose comfortable, durable chairs, but if you will only use them occasionally, you could go for slightly less practical chairs. For instance, chairs with velvet covers can look very beautiful, but it can be very difficult to clean them if they are spilled on.

If you use the chairs regularly, it is best to go for an easy-to-clean material such as plastic or wood. If you really want fabric covered chairs, go for a comfortable fabric that can easily be removed and washed.

Consider the style of the room

If you don’t want to replace anything else in the room, you will need to choose dining chairs that will fit in with the style of the room already. For instance, it would look a little strange if you paired a traditional mahogany table with glass chairs! Of course, this isn’t a problem if you are also replacing the rest of the furniture in the room, as this means that you can choose a completely new style for the whole room.

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