How to choose a gym

Ready to sign up for a gym membership? The next question is to find out which is the best gym for you. What are your reasons for joining? It is important to consider early in your search for the best fitness club how useful their facilities are to you

Check your “Must-haves”

Write a list of the absolute “must-have” facilities that you want, which are different from the “nice-to-haves”. For example, if you really want to focus on strength training, a spacious area with the right equipment will be high on your list of priorities. You will be surprised how many gyms do not have a room where you can exercise with your own weights or foam rolling. Also, will you be going to shower and get ready for work in the gym? Do not forget to think about your pre and post-exercise routine when making your list.

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Search on Social Media

Do not be swayed by clever marketing or slogans, but do some research online. If the gym you are considering has a presence on Facebook or Instagram, check their feed for posts by current members to get a sense of their daily activities.

Sign Up for a Trial

There are many deal websites who are always offering discount deals on fitness and gym trials, with everything from boot camps to kettlebells. Take advantage of special offers and introductory offers which are a great way and cheap way to test a variety of locations and choices before signing a long-term contract.


To eliminate an excuse to skip your workout, choose a location based on your lifestyle. Do you plan to hit the gym during lunch breaks or after work? The best gym for you is likely to be one close to your office. If you prefer to workout in the morning or at the weekend, a gym closer to home might be the better option. For a Gym Dublin, visit a site like

Dig into Details

When you visit a gym for a tour, pay attention to all the small things. What are the lighting levels like, is it too dark or are they playing music that’s too loud? Factors that might seem insignificant during the initial tour you can become a major issue later. Top gyms make cleanliness top of their priority list, so keep an eye out for evidence of regular maintenance.

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Two signs of the cleanliness in a gym is the bathroom and the equipment. If the bathroom is grubby, neglected and dusty, maintenance is a problem. It’s also important to check to see if the facility provides easy access to disinfectant products after equipment use. Look for evidence of wipes or spray bottles and towels, and see if the people are using them.

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