How PPC compliments SEO

Although organic search engine optimisation and paid search ads are usually talked about independently, there is mounting evidence that pursuing these two approaches to internet marketing can deliver mutually beneficial results which are greater than the sum of their parts.
Specifically it is a new publication of analysis carried out by search engine provider Bing which indicates that there are real benefits of embracing the need to bid on branded keywords for PPC while also pushing this on-message approach into SEO. By doing so it is possible to boost clicks by almost half and achieve better conversion rates as a result.

This indicates that branded PPC may be immensely important to boosting CTRs even if both Bing and Google are committed to ensuring that paid search campaigns have no bearing on organic ranking.

How PPC compliments SEO

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So while you cannot pay your way to the top of the SERPs organically through PPC manipulation, you can combine the power of platforms like AdWords with good SEO to maximise the potential of your business online. And with the aid of a Dublin SEO Consultant it is even easier to achieve your goals of sales growth, which is why contacting a company like Ryco marketing Dublin seo agency and ppc experts may be a worthwhile solution.


Click Cannibalisation

While the combination of organic SEO and a branded PPC ad can help businesses to harvest 91 per cent of the potential clicks for their target keywords, the report also revealed that there is a degree of cannibalisation to take into account. In short, paid ads can steal some of the clicks which would have been attributed to the organic link were the ad not present.

This can account for a little more than a tenth of all clicks, resulting in what might be seen as an unnecessary burden on your digital marketing budget. That is unless you alter the way you look at how PPC spending is weighted and appreciate the bigger picture.

Expanding Search Optimisation

There is no quick fix for any search ranking or PPC issue that your company is facing, but realising that organic and paid campaigns are not enough to secure long term growth on their own is an important first step.

It is also crucial to think about the wider way in which the internet is changing, as well as how search engines are adjusting to this, especially when coming at it from the point of view of branding.

Since Google and Twitter are set to offer real time integration of tweets with SERPs, a business which is looking to get its brand noticed will need to launch a multifaceted campaign which combines SEO, PPC and social media manoeuvring to make the biggest splash and win clicks from competitors.

Now is a time for bold manoeuvres and holistic internet marketing practices. It is no longer enough to take the tried and tested route: instead small, medium and large companies alike must reassess their strategies and experiment to get the best results.

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