How Do You Become a Brand Strategist?

If you’re looking for a job where you can exercise your creativity, work with others and put your writing skills into practice, the role of brand strategist could be for you. But how do you get into this position?

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Gaining Entry

If you’re considering a career as a brand strategist, you’ll probably be thinking about what training or qualifications are needed. According to Medium, unlike other professions, there’s no specific training involved in becoming a brand strategist.

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Many people who enter this career come from a wide range of backgrounds with degrees in subjects as diverse as graphic design, English or art history. You don’t necessarily even need any formal training to degree level. If you possess the right skills and attitude, you can start at the bottom and learn your way up with the right agency.

While sending your CV to potential agencies can be useful, you’re more likely to land a role as a brand strategist by networking at specialist marketing events and getting to know the right people with the right connections.


When a branding agency, such as, is looking to recruit a brand strategist, they’ll probably have a specific skill set in mind that you will need to possess.

Brand strategists need to have a creative streak, but they must also boast an analytical, inquisitive and logical mind. People who do well in this role are often highly opinionated, boasting a natural sense of curiosity that enables them to get an answer when one is needed most, as well as being able to solve problems. Paying attention to detail is also something that goes hand in hand with this job.

There is also a fair amount of writing involved in brand strategy work, whether that is writing copy, putting a proposal together or outlining a brief. While you don’t need an English degree to succeed in this role, knowledge of grammar, sentence construction and writing to suit a brand’s personality and tone of voice will be key.

Working in brand strategy involves coming up with ideas on your own, but also working closely as part of a team. This could include collaboration with marketing managers, graphic designers and other strategists. You’ll also need to work with clients to understand and interpret their needs. Good communication skills are, therefore, essential in this role.


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