Hot home staging techniques for moving that London property

London’s property market has started the new year in the same fashion as it ended 2015: dominating the business news. Halifax, Britain’s largest mortgage lender, confirmed in February that house prices and sales continue to rise sharply in the capital, where the average asking price for a residence has reached an astonishing £643,843.

Hot home staging techniques for moving that London property

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Against this backdrop, the casual observer could be forgiven for imagining that houses in London sell almost themselves and require no significant effort on the part of the owner to enhance their sale. This, of course, isn’t quite accurate. As any estate agent will tell you, some houses in the most attractive areas are difficult to offload. In this short piece, we look at a key reason for which house sales stall and a possible solution.

Why can’t I sell my house?

One of the main reasons for struggling to sell a property is that it badly needs its decoration to be refreshed. As appealing as a residence may otherwise be, dated or faded decor and furnishings can be off-putting to potential buyer largely because it is surprisingly difficult to envisage how the property will look and feel after it has been redecorated. While it may seem like a waste of time and resources to invest in improvements to your house before offering it for sale, the truth is that with some well-judged home styling, you can enhance its chances of selling quickly and profitably.

Home styling

There are numerous professional home styling services in London that do an excellent job of dressing homes ready for sale. Statistics prove that a house that has been staged by an expert sells more quickly and at a higher price than in its unadorned state. It’s not surprising, therefore, that in recent years there has been an explosion in property owners engaging the services of stylists.

It isn’t always necessary to take such a dramatic step; sellers can profitably make smaller changes. For example, it is known that buyers notice and appreciate attractive soft furnishings when they view a property. It is worth your while to consider a service providing curtain cleaning in London such as

Small details can make all the difference to the speed with which you sell your house so these little touches definitely merit investigation.

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