High traffic flooring options: durable doesn’t mean ugly

Flooring for high traffic areas obviously needs to be tough. If it is not resilient enough, it will quickly start to look scruffy and you will end up replacing it more often, which will end up costing you more than installing a quality solution in the first place.

High traffic flooring options

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The problem is that installing a durable solution often means that you end up sacrificing style. You can get something that will wear well but looks dull or even downright ugly; however, it doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some options that will stand up to wear and tear and still look good.


One of the first options people think of when looking for a hard-wearing floor is tiles. These have the advantages of being tough and long lasting and coming in a wide selection of styles and colours. They are also water resistant, which makes them a good choice for entrances and reception areas.

The downside of opting for tiles is that they can be loud to walk on and make a space seem to echo. They can also be rather cold and unwelcoming. If they do get cracked or damaged, carrying out repairs is difficult and time consuming.


Wooden flooring is often seen as a stylish option. It looks smart and is easy to maintain, although it will need refinishing occasionally in high traffic areas.

You have the choice of laminate or solid hardwood. Both options look good, with laminate generally cheaper; however, although laminate is tough, it can be ruined by water leaks or spills. Hardwood is more resistant and even though it may be stained or damaged by water, it is usually possible to refinish it. If you are looking for parquet flooring in Ireland, companies such as Wilsons Yards offer a good choice of stylish hardwearing options.


Carpet feels soft and welcoming and is quiet to walk on; however, it does need to be kept clean. In high traffic areas you will need to opt for a good-quality short-pile carpet that won’t show traffic paths and is resistant to trapping dirt. It is often a good idea to opt for carpet tiles in commercial situations, as they can be easily lifted for cleaning or replacement should they become stained or damaged.

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