Girlfriend on eBay is Advertised as ‘Noisy Dishwasher’

A prankster advertised his girlfriend for sale on eBay as a ‘noisy dishwasher’ after she complained about having to wash the dishes too often.  If this was just one of the many household jobs that need doing it might be nice to get a Domestic cleaning Cheltenham company found at sites like to come in once a week and do it for you so it allows you to relax.

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Karl Goddard, who lives in Southampton, posted the advert about his girlfriend Gabby Whitlock on the popular auction site while they were waiting for a meal to arrive in a pub. Gabby had remarked on it being nice she was not expected to do the dishes – which, she said, was unusual in their household.

Karl, a civil engineer, told Gabby he would sell her because she was annoying him – and as a joke actually placed the advert.

Sold as Seen

The eBay listing said Gabby was a ‘dishwasher’ which was for sale due to it becoming noisy. The advert also said that no refunds would be accepted, and the ‘dishwasher’ was ‘sold as seen.’

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Luckily Gabby, who is a carer, saw the funny side of the prank. She did, however, express her annoyance that the photograph her boyfriend used on the advert was not a flattering one.

Despite the advert simply being a joke, some people did bid for the human dishwasher – the auction reached £520 before eBay removed it because it violated their rules.

According to eBay, there are certain things you can’t sell on auction sites – and this includes anything illegal (such as fellow human beings).

Still Together

Perhaps surprisingly the couple, who have known each other for 10 years but been dating for around a year, are still together – and Gabby still mainly does the washing up. She did admit, however, that Karl does most of the cooking – and that she, too, is not above pranking him on occasion.

Maybe the pair would be best getting a proper, mechanical dishwasher to prevent any further arguments over this often tedious household chore.

Restaurants, hotels and other commercial businesses sensibly use commercial dishwashers in order to ease the strain of dishwashing which would otherwise be placed on their staff.

This not only ensures all dishes are properly and thoroughly cleaned – thereby making sure they are as hygienic as possible – but also means no member of staff has to complain about being stuck with the same, time-consuming job day after day.

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