Foods that denture wearers should avoid

We know that some food (no matter how tempting!) just do not mix well with dentures. To avoid the possible pain or discomfort, it is recommended that you avoid the following:

Sticky Foods – it is recommended to restrict the intake of sticky items like toffee and caramel. This is because they can attach to your replacement teeth and make it very difficult to chew.

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Popcorn – popcorn is not bad for the health of your mouth per se, but small unpopped kernels that somehow end up stuck in your teeth, may crack or compromise the function of your dentures.

Hard nuts and candies – hard candy and nuts are problematic as the force required to bite them creates excessive pressure on the teeth and palate of your dentures.

Steaks – chewy meat is difficult to break down with dentures. In addition, these foods can cause your dentures to become unstable. They can also cause sore spots.

Be careful with dentures that are weak or old

Beware if your dentures are older than seven years, because by that time the chewing surface is worn down, causing you to bite and chew with excessive force. For help with Dentures Southend on Sea, visit a site like Hockley Dental, specialists in Dentures Southend on Sea.

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What happens if dentures break?

If your dentures crack, break, or become damaged, you should make an appointment at your local denture clinic as soon as possible. Wearing a broken denture can have unintended consequences such as:

Difficulty speaking

Oral pain and discomfort

Red and inflamed gums

Trouble following, a balanced nutritious diet

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