Fashion do’s and don’ts as a wedding guest

A wedding isn’t just daunting for the bride and groom. Sometimes attending as a guest can be a minefield of expectations, good etiquette and, of course, dressing the part.

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According to Loverly, there are at least eight “unspoken rules” of etiquette that wedding guests ought to follow. This includes things such as arriving on time and not bringing an uninvited plus one. But when it comes to fashion, what are the rules and how can you make a great impression without making any accidental faux pas?

Here are some fashion do’s and don’ts for wedding guests.

Don’t wear white

Perhaps one the most frowned-upon things a wedding guest can do is wear white. Not only is it rude to steal the attention away from the bride, but the risk of being confused with her would be mortifying for all involved. With so many colours and patterns available, it’s advisable to give white a miss unless you are the bride.

Do find the right balance

Finding the right balance between dressy but not too overdressed is important. Avoid anything too fancy that is likely to upstage the bride (such as maxi gowns and prom-style dresses) but be wary of being too casual, too. You need to create a sense of occasion with your outfit and show the happy couple that you have made an effort on their special day.

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Do think of the season

Dressing for the season is important. For example, summer is a great time to rock pastel colours and floral prints, whereas winter is a good opportunity to enjoy fur and velvet. Understanding the trends of the seasons and wearing them well will make you comfortable as well as stylish.

Don’t dress skimpily

Weddings are generally a family affair and it would be inappropriate to turn up in anything too revealing, tight or short. There are plenty of lovely wedding guest dresses ( on the market that are modest as well as stylish, so save those bodycons for the nightclub.

Don’t forget some flats

Weddings are often long days that lead into long nights. If you are in a pair of high heels all day, you’ll start to suffer by the evening, so bring a pair of smart flats to change into once the formalities are over.

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