Eight kitchen design trends for 2019.

When it came to kitchen design, 2018 bought us banquette seating and two-toned cabinets. What will 2019 have in store?

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We’ve listed below our top eight trends to watch, covering everything from storage options to light fittings.

1. Hidden storage

Clean lines, incorporating concealed, smart storage will continue to be a hit with those revamping or replacing their kitchen this year.

2. Gunmetal tones

When it comes to hardware, expect to see lots of pewter and gunmetal being introduced. They are softer than black, but add just the right amount of depth.

3. Keeping shelving open

Making a bold statement with glass or metal shelving in place of higher kitchen cabinets is going to really catch on in 2019. This trend has been employed by hotels and will now move into the home.

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4. Vintage views

Vintage elements will continue to be popular throughout 2019. Natural hues of stone and wood alongside rattan and wicker will dominate and go hand in hand with more modern concepts.

5. A splash of colour

The days of the pure white kitchen are numbered. 2019 is all about colour, from upholstery to cabinets. A good kitchen installation partner should be able to advise on which colours will work for your space. By searching online in your area, for example for kitchen installation Cheltenham, you should be able to find a trusted expert, such as http://pursloepropertymaintenance.co.uk/kitchen-bathroom-installations-cheltenham/. Be sure to get recommendations from friends too.

6. Natural materials

In keeping with the vintage vibe, natural materials such as wood, stone and jute will appeal. These help bring the outdoors in for a real sense of serenity and a connection to the natural world. You can create a really timeless look with these materials, as shown in Ideal Homes magazine.

7. Opposing textures

While keeping things natural will be a big trend, there will also be a push to juxtapose elements for a striking effect. For example, pairing mirrored backdrops with rougher stone, or brass taps and other hardware with textured walls.

8. Statement lighting

Nothing can add a wow effect like good lighting. Sculpted, jewelled pendant lights are a great way to make your design stand out. They can add a real touch of luxury while helping to break the room up and define the dining area.

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