Choosing the right conveyor

The telescopic conveyor that is right for you will depend on your requirements and the best telescopic conveyor will depend on the results you want to see by investing in this piece of machinery. These are the following business factors you will want to consider when deciding which is the best for you:

Do you want to reduce handling costs?

Is increasing productivity your driving force?

Is time turning important?

Do your facilities need to be more flexible?

Is your focus on improving the work environment?

Do you want to mobilize workers elsewhere?

Speak to a professional and work together on exploring what your goals are, what is driving those goals and how any changes will affect your loading and your business as a whole. For a supplier of Telescopic Conveyors, visit

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Things like function, quality, design, safety features and integration of logistics equipment play a vital role. Lifetime costs must also be taken into account when deciding on the right telescopic conveyor to suit your needs.

The right telescopic conveyor is a strong and useful interface so be sure to consider the following logistics before making your choice:

The volume of goods that pass through your facility

do you handle incoming or outgoing goods?

the type and weight of a typical item to handle

volume & type of vehicle that visits your facility

access to the door at your facility

space inside the facility

is there a raised dock?

labour and staff levels available

You may find it useful to print & apply labels when items enter or leave your facility or enter documents as part of the handling process.

Consider whether the door will be used to load or lower – or both. The function shows whether telescopic belt conveyors or roller conveyors (sometimes called loader rollers or gravity conveyors) will be the most economical.

If the door is used for goods on a pallet or loose items, mobility will be a factor when choosing the best telescopic conveyor. Cellular telescopic conveyors can be installed on rails or wheels. Rails are also a sensible option if the conveyor serves several doors.

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If your main focus is on health & safety, you might feel that features that optimize ergonomic operation are a good choice. All features can be combined, so that the right telescopic conveyor for you can be made according to your needs and be entirely unique depending on the nature of your business or industry.

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