Bristol Docks are the place to visit.

Bristol has always been a natural port. Sat at the mouth of the Severn and the Bristol Channel it feeds out into the Irish Sea and the Atlantic. It offered the perfect first port of call when the incoming Atlantic ships wanted a straight trade route to London rather than sail around to it or call at Liverpool which was further afield. The Docks in Bristol have always been a vibrant and bustling place and this is just the same today. It’s warehouse and shipyards have been replaced with offices, theatres and a thriving gallery and art’s centre.

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It came to prominence in the 1600’s as the first stop from the newly discovered Americas where tobacco was being shipped in. It needed to compete with Liverpool and to stop the lengthy delays brought on by the tidal Severn. Therefore, a floating harbour was constructed to take advantage of the water and the increased shipping. As the tobacco trade continued the city found it’s real fortune from the slave trade. An issue that still sits uncomfortably with it today.

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As the population grew so did the need for the city’s drainage and sewage systems. Blocked Drains Bristol became a real issue. Thankfully that is no longer a problem. For blocked drains in Bristol visit AMS Drains to solve any issues that you have.

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