Bewildering Bathrooms

Most of us have a fairly normal, perhaps even mundane bathroom. Some locations, however, have taken bathroom design to a whole new level. Take a look at some of these weird and wonderful bathroom creations from around the world:

The Safe House in the American city of state of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a spy-themed restaurant which sounds like great fun. Getting around the building requires passwords and there are hidden rooms and disappearing ink. Could be a bit annoying if it’s the ink on the menus! Don’t leave it until you’re bursting though as the journey from table to toilet takes around 15 minutes as you navigate complicated mazes and a trick door.

The world’s largest restroom is located in Chongqing, China at a staggering 32,290 square feet. I wouldn’t want to clean it though as it has 1000 toilets! It can be found on ‘Foreigners Street’ and is designed with an Egyptian theme. The reason for its existence is the hope that it will attract tourism to the city. The bathroom plays calming music, has TVs and uniquely shaped urinals. Not sure the Great Wall has got anything to worry about just yet!

Bewildering Bathrooms

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Columbia Tower in Seattle, Washington boasts some of the highest toilets in the world and at the 76th floor, each cubicle offers fantastic views of the Seattle Skyline. Imagine that as a view as you spend a penny? Your bathroom might not have that kind of view but you can still make the window a lovely sight to behold with new blinds. For Waterproof Blinds, visit

The Bulletproof Bathroom of Beijing, China is a design that resulted in anti-terror feelings after 9/11. If you’re stuck in Beijing during any trouble then head for this loo in Zhong Guan Village Plaza as its most likely the safest one in the world. The toilet is immune to TNT and weighs 15 tonnes!

The Aquarium Bathroom in Akashi, Japan sounds delightful and you’ll want to take your time in this one. Found in the Mumin Papa Café, you can relieve yourself surrounded on three sides by a real aquarium. It cost a considerable $270,000 to construct and is for ladies only – apart from the male giant sea turtle!

Dolce and Gabbana’s Gold Room in Milan can be found in the restaurant ‘Gold’. Most of us will never relieve ourselves here as it’s more for the likes of stars such as Kylie Minogue and Paris Hilton. It is luxury itself, with marble counters, golden bamboo and giant mirrors. Rather bizarrely, the Bond theme ‘Goldfinger’ plays in every cubicle on a plasma screen!

Bewildering Bathrooms2

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How about a bathroom that’s out of this world? Literally. The bathroom on the International Space Station has no gravity to keep the water in the toilet bowl so NASA had to build pumps and use airflow to create a usable, hygienic bathroom. It doesn’t sound very comfortable though as having the entire system reliant on air, creating a tight seal between the user and the toilet bowl is essential. Foot straps and pivoting bars anchor the astronauts to the ground, and an intricate network of tubes, pipes and ducts handles the waste.

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