Are essential oils suitable for using on your face?

The aromatherapy market is more popular than ever. The popularity of using oils as part of a beauty regime has found its way to royalty, with the Duchess of Cambridge using a 100 percent natural face oil.

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Why are they so popular?

With hundreds of oils to choose from, you can find different oils to help remedy various skin issues.

• Lavender oil helps with dry skin.
• Lemon oil can help with acne-prone skin.
• Carrot Seed oil helps reduce wrinkles.
• Tea Tree oil can help oily skin.

People are choosing oils over synthetic products because they don’t contain harmful chemicals. Many of the larger brands add formaldehyde and carcinogens to their products, so choosing more natural products has become more desirable to many beauty customers.

What are essential oils?

Originated from plants, roots, flowers or peels, essential oils are created through a process of distillation. The oils capture the unique scent derived from the plant, resulting in each oil having its own “essence”.

They all have complex chemical compositions that can vary from batch to batch due to growing conditions. One oil may contain hundreds of different chemical compounds. These compounds all add to the oil’s aroma and specific restorative properties.

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Are they safe?

According to The International Federation of Aromatherapists, there are certain safety instructions you should follow when using oils. These include:

• Do not ingest oils.
• Do not use neat oils on the face. Always dilute with a carrier oil or cream.
• Avoid contact with the eyes.
• Keep them safely away from children.

These natural oils are incredibly potent, so the IFA always recommends you consult a professional aromatherapist before beginning any treatment.

What are the benefits?

These oils can provide many health benefits. They encourage cellular renewal, which can improve complexion. They can even out skin tone and reduce inflammation. They are also used to help boost collagen production, which can reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Therapeutic aromatherapy can be traced right back through history. The Egyptians are seen as pioneers of using aromatic plants for cosmetics and medicinal purposes. Nowadays, thanks to a surge in popularity, aromatherapy is a popular form of complementary medicine. Clinical research is now proving that these oils have positive effects and can be used safely and regularly.

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