An introduction to uninterruptible power supplies

An uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, is a type of battery that can supply power to a device when the main power supply fails. It is a short-term solution to a fault until the reason for the power trip can be established and repaired. These batteries are normally used to provide a back-up source of power for essential computers, medical devices or security systems when any loss of power could have disastrous results.

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These batteries are not quite the same as generators or other emergency power sources. They can provide power instantaneously, whereas other sources take time to reach adequate power levels or have a delay before they start generating.

What kind do I need?

The size and number of UPS that you will need will be determined by the type of devices they need to power, how many devices, and the power they draw. It should be noted that should your UPS not meet the demand of the devices it needs to power, the devices will fail; obviously, this is something to be avoided.

Each device should have its power demands accurately calculated, using a wattmeter, so that the overall power consumption of all the devices can be combined and the correct UPS installed. According to TechRepublic, it pays to make these assessments regularly, as a company’s power needs can change as the demand on devices changes, particularly if the business is growing and expanding.

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Where can I get them?

When purchasing this type of power supply, you will find a number of online companies that specialise in the sale of UPS. Suppliers such as Eaton UPS distributor will have a good range and offer a complete solution in assessing the power requirements of your site.

How do I look after them?

As these batteries generally sit untouched for large periods of time whilst they wait to be called into action, it is essential that they are checked regularly. Each battery has a life of between three and five years; however, this will depend on many factors, particularly the environment in which the battery is living. Temperature, chemistry and placement can all affect the life of the battery and it is essential that they are checked and maintained to keep them in perfect condition and ready for use.

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