Alternative Funeral Ideas

When it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one, you may feel that the traditional funeral – sombre songs, people all dressed in black, traditional church service – doesn’t reflect the wishes or personality of your loved one. Here are a few alternative funeral ideas that may make for a better send-off…

Burial at Sea – For some people, a burial at sea is perfect. Whether they served in the navy, were a keen sailor, or simply loved to be beside the seaside. It takes a bit more arranging and preparation, but it is a lovely and unique way to say goodbye to a loved one. You will need to apply to the Marine Management organisation, and there are some different rules around embalming, so as not to pollute the water. If the person is being cremated, then you can scatter the ashes at sea, which would require less organisation as there are no rules or restrictions on this.

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Eco Friendly Funeral – These are becoming more and more popular as people are waking up to global warming and reducing our carbon footprint. If your loved one was a keen eco warrior, or simply committed to changing the world for the better, then an eco-funeral may be the best. Many people who have this type of funeral will have a biodegradable urn or choose to honour their life by planting a tree. Many funeral directors such as this funeral directors Billericay will be able to help you with providing an eco-friendly funeral.

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Colourful Funerals – If you hate the idea of a sombre ceremony full of doom and gloom, the colourful funeral is a great alternative. Get guests to wear bright vibrant colours, choose uplifting songs, and hold a party afterwards, with the aim of celebrating a life lived to the full and happy memories, rather than mourning. Brightly coloured flowers, balloons and even colourful coffins are starting to become more popular.

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