5 ways to bring some hygge into your home

When the nights draw in and stormy weather batters our homes, we all crave a roaring log fire, a soft blanket to hide under and a pair of fluffy slippers to relax in. The Danish phrase hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) refers to the unique native concept of intimacy and cosiness. It means enjoying the ordinary, soothing and inexpensive things in life.

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The trend has now spread globally. To create authentic hygge in your own dwelling, get yourself a warm drink, put on a chunky sweater, and follow the tips below.

1 Turn up the heat

A flickering fire will instantly bring intimacy to any space. If you lack a fireplace in your abode, create a cosy and warm vibe by creating clusters of candles of many shapes and sizes.

Kayleigh Tanner, chief of the UK-based blog Hello Hygge remarks that her favourites are Yankee Candles with scents like vanilla and cinnamon, but she says a collection of inexpensive tea lights will work just as well.

2 Foster the outdoors inside

Nature is inherently stress-busting and relaxing. Take a cue from the natural world and bring some greenery into your home. Do you have problems keeping plants alive? Use natural materials like stone, leather and wood in your rooms.

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3 Switch off the lights

Overhead lights are typically too bright to bring that homely feeling you crave to your room, unless you have got a dimmer. So switch off your overhead light and use table lamps as an alternative.

A metal log holder will make a stylish statement next to your hearth. For where to find a metal log holder, suppliers include https://www.themetaltree.co.uk/ metal log holders.

FamilyEducation also suggests some hints for introducing hygge to your abode: https://www.familyeducation.com/videos/9-ways-to-bring-hygge-into-your-home.

4 Streamline

Small spaces can be cosy, preferably when they are uncluttered. Kate Marengo, president of Interior Chicago, comments that people can’t relax in overwhelming spaces. So before you bring in your hygge touches (a throw, candles, books), follow declutterer Marie Kondo’s style and get rid of extraneous objects that don’t make you happy.

5 Embrace something soft

Hygge is all about texture, says Pia Edberg, author of The Cozy Life and based in Vancouver. She suggests arranging soft items around yourself such as fluffy pillows, knitted fleece throws, comfy furniture and shagpile rugs.

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