5 things to look for in the perfect meeting room

Taking a meeting or training session off premises can help create a fresh and neutral environment. It can also save costs if you only need a bigger space a couple of times a year. For these reasons, more and more businesses are going off-site.

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However, off-site meeting rooms need to be perfect right away. There’s just no time for lengthy set-ups. A professional vibe, good IT connections, access to refreshments and lunches are all important, but what about the little details? Let’s look at five things that go into making a great off-site meeting room.

1. Sufficient space

Is it big enough? Some properties will want to sell their space no matter what, so when you search for meeting rooms Windsor for 10 people, you might get back exactly the same results as if you’d searched for 100-head spaces. It is no good assuming everyone will fit. For comfort and productivity, everyone needs a chair, possibly desk space, and enough bandwidth to carry them all, too.

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2. High ceilings

Low ceilings are just gloomy. Meeting-wise, they throw a wet towel on creativity and make attendees feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. However, you don’t want to hold your meeting in a cave, either. Many period properties, such as the rooms at royaladelaide.com/, offer the best of both worlds with good acoustics and a comfortable atmosphere.

3. Air-conditioned rooms

In the UK, we tend to think more about heating than AC, but for meetings or training sessions in the summer, air conditioning is a big bonus. Being hot makes us tired and grumpy. It is almost as bad as being too cold.

4. Warm rooms

On the flip side, adequate heating is also a box that needs to be ticked. No one should be expected to sit in a cold meeting, and most meetings involve a lot of sitting, which makes us even colder.

5. Natural daylight

Do not forget about the lighting. All workspaces should have a plentiful supply of natural light, and the best way to ensure this is with large, high windows. While a nice view might be a distraction worry, you are more likely to find that it actually helps people concentrate. Don’t forget to look out for curtains or blinds, too.

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