Changes in SEO between 2010 and 2020

SEO can be challenging for the average website owner. There are many agencies available and many elements of an SEO campaign, and it can be hard to know the difference between a strong agency and a poor one. If you are currently using an agency but you do not know if they are doing the best job for your business, here are five ways to check if it might be time to find a new agency.

5 SEO no-nos

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Progress isn’t coming

The first few months of any SEO work can see few results or volatility. However, after a few months of working together, progress should be coming in your rankings and organic search traffic as well as your domain authority. An occasional dip may happen, but if your figures are still stalling after several months, it might be time to consider a switch.

Nothing changes

SEO is an ever-changing industry, be that consumer trends, new technologies or search engine updates. A strong agency will be monitoring these changes and updating their strategies appropriately. Look for an agency that keeps itself informed and evolves appropriately.

Their inbound links are bad

The quality of links is paramount – good links have appropriate context, are placed within well researched and well written content, and are hosted on relevant domains. If you find yourself in a trend of poor links being built for your site, you should probably question the efficiency of your agency.

Their content is poor

It is impossible to deliver a strong SEO campaign without quality content marketing. If your agency has realized this, content quality should be a key goal. If its not or their content is poor, get ready to review your arrangements. To understand why content is so important, review this MarketingLand article.

You’re not up-to-date

If your agency isn’t keeping you up-to-date or you can’t interpret their results, you should reconsider using them. A good working relationship is based on communication.

There are many agencies out there, from large to small to specialist. if you need advice on Belfast SEO, consider the use of a specialist business such as

If your agency is good, you have nothing to fear, but if you’re concerned, consider our tips and decide if a change is required.

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