5 More Features of a Fantastic Website

We’ve already looked at five of the most important features to include on a business website. Here are a further five items that you really should include if you want your site to attract high-quality visitors.

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1. Mobile-Friendly

If your website doesn’t display accurately on a smartphone, then you could be inadvertently deterring potential customers. According to the BBC, 37 million people in the UK have a smartphone, which represents around four in five adults. People using a smartphone to research products and services online have particular ‘intent’, making them very likely to make a purchase on the spot, so failing to ensure that your website displays effectively on a mobile device could be costing you dearly.

2. An FAQ Section

Prospective customers are likely to have unanswered questions about your products and services, so answer their concerns with a dedicated FAQ section to make sure they get immediate answers. You may need to include sections dealing with particular goods or services that you provide, along with payment information, delivery schedules and costs and how to go about making a return or applying for a refund.

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3. Good Hosting Service

Your site needs to be working for you day and night throughout the year in order to be effective, so don’t skimp on the hosting. Trying to save money on this aspect of your site could lead to slow load times or, even worse, down times when your site is simply not available. This is an area which really benefits from professional assistance, so whether you live in the remote Highlands or Reading web design companies locally should be able to provide you with appropriate hosting packages. Companies such as http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk/ specialise in catering for the smaller business, so they understand the need to keep within a tight budget.

4. Have a Social Media Strategy

Everyone nowadays uses social media to connect with their favourite brands, so make sure that you regularly update your Twitter and Facebook feeds with relevant and interesting information about your products and services. Don’t forget to include Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr too, as all these platforms raise interest in your brand.

5. Don’t Include Bells and Whistles

Some website features actually alienate potential customers, so avoid the use of background music and autoplay features, which are annoying.

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