10 more fascinating casino factors

  1. Some gamblers pee on the floor

    It’s not unheard of for addicted gamblers to pee on the casino floor rather than visit the bathroom.

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2. The US’s Indian reservation gambling boom started with bingo

There are many Indian casinos in the US today, but it all started with a nondescript bingo hall in Florida.

3. Penny slots are the biggest earners

Despite seeming like a cheap way to while away time, penny slots are the biggest earners for casinos. In fact, in some casinos, you’ll find more penny slots than any other machines.

4. In Japan, casinos are illegal

It’s illegal to open a casino in Japan, but loopholes mean Japanese people can still gamble if they want to. Pachinko awards players little balls that can be traded for various prizes. Luckily, most of us have access to sites like http://onlinecasinopokerroom.com/ when we get the urge to play games for cash.

5. There used to be a prison casino in the US

Perhaps it’s not surprising that Nevada, the home of Las Vegas, once had a casino in a prison. The casino was open to inmates for 35 years, but was shut down in 1967. The San Diego Tribune explains people now collect the casino’s tokens.

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6. Slots used to pay out gum

In fact, this is why so many retro slots still have images of fruit. They used to pay out in fruit-flavoured gum and prize tokens rather than cash prizes.

7. The FedEx founder saved his company by gambling

When FedEx was floundering, the founder managed to save his company by gambling in Las Vegas and winning nearly $30,000 at blackjack.

8. You can’t buy a lottery ticket in Nevada

Despite being home to Las Vegas, one of the world’s gambling capitals, the state of Nevada has banned lotteries, making it one of the few states where you can’t buy a lottery ticket.

9. A World War II veteran won over $25 million on a slot machine

The biggest prizes still tend to come from games tables, however, so check out the best sites to play online poker if you want to hone your skills and land a prize yourself.

10. Smoke-free casinos don’t call as many ambulances

Studies have found smoke-free casinos call fewer ambulances than their smoky counterparts.

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