What is the Most Common Problem With Garage Doors?

If your garage door is giving off weird sounds or isn’t closing correctly, it may be a problem. There are many different causes of these problems, but they all have a few common elements.

One of the most common problems with garage doors is a broken spring. A snapped spring can cause the door to close in a fast and dangerous manner. It will put quite a bit of tension on the cables and can break them.

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Another common problem is a broken or bent track, which can cause the rollers to stop moving. Fortunately, this can often be repaired by simply realigning the tracks. For advice on Garage Doors Bristol, contact a site like upandoverdoorsltd.co.uk

If your door doesn’t close properly, it may be an issue with the limit switch. These switches will tell the motor when to start and stop. Your garage door may only open or close if they are adjusted correctly.

Another possible problem is a keypad that is not able to operate. If the keypad is installed too far from the door, it will interfere with the opener’s signal. Sometimes, the keypad will be too close to the opening and closing mechanism.

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The weather can also impact your garage door. Severe winter conditions can force a garage door to get out of alignment. In addition, small debris on the track can prevent the rollers from moving forward. A lack of lubrication may also prevent your rollers from moving smoothly.

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