What are the benefits of buying a park home

A park home could be for you if you’re looking to downsize or transition into an active retirement. Knowing the unique advantages of staying in parks will help you make the best investment for now and for the future.

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A home in a park is financially accessible.


We all dream of a home in the country, but it might well be beyond your reach to invest in bricks and mortar. At a much cheaper price point, an affordable park home provides luxury living in peaceful surroundings. To see some great examples of Gloucestershire Park Homes go to Park Home Life.

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High standard of construction


The modern style of park homes or lodges was made from high-quality materials to outstanding construction specifications. New development processes and technology are used and building practises contribute to less on-site defects. In a workshop area, your home will be designed to challenging British specifications. You should choose the fixtures and fittings for a high-end finish as you want to purchase a new home.


Lower ongoing expenditures


A home in a park will not eradicate the recurring expenses, but it will reduce them substantially. If you live in a house or condo, you will pay park taxes, which are the equivalent of land rent, and you will pay Council Tax in the lowest band, Band A. You will bring down electricity bills when you are heating a smaller room and your park home is constructed with high insulation levels. Meanwhile, fewer lamps means smaller costs for power.


Elegant surroundings


Many suburban parks are within easy reach of all facilities and stunning scenery, allowing you to relax or retire in style.

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