Some of the benefits of Oak Feather Edge Cladding

Oak feather edge cladding refers to the method of combining the aesthetic value of natural wood with the durability and maintenance of aluminium and steel. It is a type of wood, named for its brownish-red colour. Unlike many types of timber available today which tend to become weathered quickly, oak feather edge cladding maintains its beauty and integrity through the years, offering great resistance to the adverse effects of weather and elements as well as providing a great degree of insulation against heat loss. A suitable company like Timberpride can assist with this.

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A key advantage of using this form of building material is that the installation time is considerably reduced compared to most other forms of timber cladding. Even the largest buildings need only have the base and first floor treated to provide the needed level of protection. The surface to face contact with the building’s surface can be further strengthened by the addition of a special powder coated finish to the surface, again making this an ideal choice for high traffic commercial properties. To ensure that the installation goes to plan, a minimum of twenty-four inches of plywood and two inches of oak feather edge cladding is required to complete the job.

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In terms of strength, the advantages of oak feather edge cladding over other timber cladding materials are quite profound. The resistance to water is especially effective where the building’s main function is likely to be on the basis of water use. In the case of buildings for domestic use, such as in kitchens and bathrooms, as little as two inches of timber covering less than one square inch of concrete is all that is needed.

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