How to achieve a country feel in your home

Home fashions are a fickle thing. At one point the rustic look is not considered to be in and then the next year it’s suddenly back in vogue again. Making the decisions to stick with a style that has longevity is never an easy task. However, there is one timeless classic of design that you can truly trust in. This is the country look. It doesn’t matter if you are actually living in the Cotswolds looking out over the Yorkshire Dales, wherever you are, the country look and feel is one that is sure to give you lots of pleasure and bring friends and family around to revel in its homely glow.

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How do you achieve this look? One of the first things that you can do is to get someĀ  Oak Trusses, like those from, in to have them in your home. Oak is the spiritual wood of Britain and has been used for construction of our homes and sea going vessels for years for centuries. They are still a much loved wood now and many oaks are now protected. Specially farmed and treated oak is used for the purposes of construction. You can see the quality in the trusses as they reinforce the ceiling and walls of your home. It gives the place a real country feel that is hard to beatĀ  with any other type of wood.

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The use of colour is also very important. You need to think about using very natural colours as part of your theme. For example, shades of green, light browns and greys are also popular ones to use. This gives the room a slightly muted feel over the bright colours that can be popular in modern homes.

To really give the place that country feel you should look at using rustic items to fill out the living space. This will bring home the style of the property and emphasise what you are trying to put across with the feel of the home. This can mean distressed welsh dressers or leather armchairs. If it’s a kitchen diner then a good large old wooden farm table is a total must. With these factors combined you can be sure that you soon have that rustic country farmhouse feel that you’re looking for.

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